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    August 30th, 2021

    11 Plus Tips – Episode 1

    You’ll Learn

    In today’s podcast we’ll be going through ten 11 plus tips to help you achieve success in your 11 plus exams and prepare in the right way with minimal stress.


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    Robert 0:00
    Hi, I’m Robert from study hat and in the first episode of the study hat podcast, and with dates for the 2021 11 plus exam fast approaching, you’ll hear five 11 plus tips for success in the lead up to the test, and five tips on how to approach a test on the day.

    So parents and children, this is the episode to help you achieve your best.

    Welcome to the study hack podcast, learning for life.

    So let’s start with five tips for you before the test, so the lead up to the test. These are things you might want to consider to help you and your child out.

    Number one. So for some children, there’s still a little time to study any areas that you may have been struggling with. Whether it be angle with ratios or algebra, you take a little time each day before your exam to work on your weak areas.

    There’s not a whole lot of benefit of practising multiplication, for example, if you are already an expert at it. And if you’ve got lots of time to spare, then feel free. But now is about using your time wisely. And if you’re not sure what your weak areas are, speak to your parents and perhaps try some sample tests. Ask your parents to help assess what you might be best spending time on.

    Number two, less is more. If your parents are listening to this podcast with you now, now’s the time to say sometimes less is more. You really don’t have to spend hours every day, even just 15 minutes daily over the next few weeks can make a big difference in building confidence.

    Number three, do practice tests. Do you have some practice tests you can do? Ask your parents to help you source new practice tests. test yourself online with quizzes or offline workbook based studies. Try to stick to time allotted on any practice test. This gives you the best idea of what you’re seeing the real test number four.

    Tip number four, practice breathing exercises. By practising breathing exercises in the lead up to the exam. And on the day of the exam. You’ll know exactly what to do and how much these exercises can help. There’s no need to be embarrassed, you can sit there and do them with your parents or on your own in a quiet space. Not sure what to do.

    Why would you sit there, close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And let the breath out. Try now. Hold for two seconds to let the breath out. And try again. Breathe in with the breath for two seconds. And let the breath out. Just repeat that until you feel comfortable. And you’ll find that you’ll be calm and you’ll be ready to tackle the day.

    Number five, go to bed on time the night before your test. This connects from your mobile devices, your phone or your iPad, at least one to two hours before bedtime to help you relax and switch off your mind. A good night’s sleep can be a massive help to an OB defend clearly the next day. On the day and during the test.

    Number six, eight and drink well on the morning of the test. drinking a glass of water or juice and eating a good breakfast can do amazing things for your brain.

    Number seven. Remember those breathing exercises we did earlier.

    Use those on the day just before the exam. Or if you’re feeling anxious during the exam. Taking just 1015 seconds to do a little bit of breathing can help calm yourself and get you back in the flow of things.

    Number eight, take equipment you’ll need for the test pencils, pens, and a razor and perhaps even a pencil sharpener. Have you want to space a beach means you’ll have what you need if you write that in your pencil or one pen doesn’t work on a day. For example,

    number nine. Once you’ve received your test paper and your time stamps, allocate time to read instructions carefully and follow what you were asked to do. It doesn’t hurt to read twice, especially early on in the text as it can take a minute or two to calm yourself on focus.

    Number 10. If you notice you’re taking too much time to ask answer one question, move on. And at the end. Go back and review any questions you’ve not answered yet. If there’s still time left, check for your answers again.

    So now you’ve reached the end of your exam. You can take time and enjoy yourself. Relax, you’ve worked hard and you can do no more. I hope that helps and good luck with Your preparation and the test. If you’ve got any questions, anything at all,

    Feel free to email us at support at study hat .com. We’re here to help and we’d love to hear how you do afterwards. And we’ll chat again soon. So, bye. Find out more at

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