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  • September 3rd, 2020

    11+ Verbal Reasoning for Beginners


    The 11+ Verbal Reasoning section tests your child’s skills and understanding of various topics which is unlike the other subjects that typically test their memorised knowledge.

    The subject is used to determine a child’s critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to use their knowledge to solve a problem. Although most schools do not teach Verbal Reasoning as a stand-alone topic, this will be 1 of 4 of the main subjects examined in both GL & CEM exams and as such will need to be learned and revised.

    What topics are tested?

    As with all topics, in both GL and CEM exam boards, there is a wide spectrum of information to cover. The below list of topics is just a small idea of what may come up in your 11+ Verbal Reasoning exam, but this is not limited as there are many more, all of which are covered within the Study Hat site for both GL & CEM exams.

    Identifying groups of words, Sorting words into categories, Spotting the odd one out, Synonyms, Identifying antonyms, Identifying homonyms, Identifying stereographs, Identifying heteronyms, Correct the sentence, Proofreading, Scrambled sentences, Alphabetical order, Words made using the same letters, Creating compound words, Combining words to create new words, Find the word hidden in the sentence, Identify the missing 3 letter word, Complete the sentence to ensure its true, Analogies, Anagrams, Unlocking word rules, Crosswords, Letter sequences, Number sequences, Applying number logic to letters, Codes letters-letters.

    And this is just a taste of what you will need to revise as you’ll never know exactly what to expect going into the exam since each year is different. If your child is revising for their Verbal Reasoning section then helping them develop a strong understanding of the methods required would be a huge benefit for them when going into the exam.

    What skills are required for Verbal Reasoning?

    The 11+ Verbal Reasoning section assesses your ability to understand and comprehend written passages. It is designed to measure your verbal comprehension, reasoning, and logic, all through your understanding of language.

    This section in the exam is aimed at testing your ability to think constructively, rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition. Both the GL & the CEM exam boards will evaluate how you decipher information from words, letters, numbers, and passages of writing.

    How much time should you spend on a Verbal Reasoning question during your exam?

    As the majority of these questions will be ‘quickfire’, usually multiple-choice questions the average amount of time you would need to spend on a Verbal Reasoning question is around 30 seconds. This may not sound like very long at all but when you calculate the length of the exam and divide this by the number of questions asked this is a fair expectation. Speed is key!

    If you’re just getting started we’ve produced 100’s of video lessons, focusing on exactly what’s needed for the Eleven Plus. There’s an array of animations to watch through to help your child understand more challenging topics for all four subjects. Oh and we almost forgot to mention you can check it out for free…

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