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  • 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice
    September 16th, 2021

    Daily 11+ Practice – 17-Sep-21

    We post daily 11+ practice questions to help you achieve success.

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    1. Plural words (Verbal Reasoning)

    11+ Verbal Reasoning

    2. Homophones (Verbal Reasoning)


    3. Counting (Non Verbal Reasoning)

    Counting - Non Verbal Reasoning

    4. Counting (Non Verbal Reasoning)

    counting - non verbal reasoning

    5. Reflection (Non Verbal Reasoning)

    Reflection - Non Verbal Reasoning





    Q1. Plural Words – Verbal Reasoning

      1. puppies  2. rabbits. 3. chickens. 4.fairies

    Q2. Homophones – Verbal Reasoning

      1. ate  2. accept. 3. axes. 4. lead

    Q3. Counting – Verbal Reasoning

    option d

    Q4. Counting – Verbal Reasoning

    option b

    Q5. Reflection – Non Verbal Reasoning

    1. reflected  2. rotated. 3. reflected

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