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  • 11 Plus Topics List
    November 18th, 2021

    How to track your child’s study progress more effectively with the 11 plus topics list

    We have spent some time this week updating our A-Z 11 plus topics list for the areas covered on the course (click here or the below image to open the document).  We have some tips for how you can help to track your child’s progress more effectively using the topic list.


    So how can you make the best use of our A-Z 11 plus topics list?

    Miss Love, our newest team member and qualified teacher advises:

    1. use the topic list as a guide to start with
    2. set up a regular revision timetable to cover these topic areas in sufficient detail and time
    3. track your child’s progress with the quizzes and adopt a 3 tick system (see below)
    4. add progress data from quizzes to help your child to see their progress
    5. continue to use outside sources (like BBC bitesize) to complement the course, especially when you identify a difficult topic that requires further learning

    Remember every child has their own style of learning (VAK – visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) – become familiar with their style and capitalise on this and their strengths.

    “… the topic is not simply a list to work top-down from, although this method may work for you. It can be used as a progress tracking sheet for you to ensure you target your child’s specific learning needs.

    For example, if you identify an area of weakness (say only getting 30% in ratio quizzes), you can then select this as an area to focus on within the course. Watch and rewatch the video provided to give the basic skills required, then use the practice quizzes to apply their knowledge. Remember, you will need to apply not only ratio knowledge, but all mathematical skills as well in your approach to any question – perhaps you need to use inverse operations, or use a systematic approach vs trial and error.”

    So what is a 3 tick system you ask?

    “…A 3 tick system (or three colours if you are a visual learner) could be used with the topic list. For example, 1 tick = getting started, 2 ticks = making progress, 3 ticks = mastered.

    This way, you can track progress on each topic and share it with your child. Once you or your child feels an area has been mastered, you can then refocus the learning to address other topic areas. It becomes a working progress tracker where you both can see progress and ensure mastery of a topic.”

    Miss Love advises that using a system like this will help reduce your stress and anxiety about how much of the 11+ course is being completed, and help you to target learning to your own child’s specific needs as they enhance their skill and knowledge using the course.

    If you have found these tips and advice helpful or have any feedback, please send your comments to and we can be sure to have Miss Love address these in guidance for you in future.

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