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Maximising Your Child’s Potential: Year 6 SATs Prep

The countdown to Year 6 SATs has begun! SATs, or Standard Assessment Tests, are high-stakes exams that UK students take at the end of primary school. As the final tests before moving up to secondary school, these exams are an important milestone in every student’s educational journey. For Year 6 students, the SATs will take place in May and will determine the level of support they receive when they start secondary school. This is why it’s important for parents and teachers to work together to support students as they prepare for these exams.

First, it’s important to understand what the SATs consist of. The exams cover Maths, Reading, Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar (SPAG), with a total of four papers in total. Students will have a set amount of time to complete each paper, with some papers timed and others untimed. The exams are designed to assess a student’s knowledge and understanding of the primary school curriculum.

To prepare for the SATs, it’s essential that Year 6 students have a solid foundation in the key areas tested in the exams. This means making sure they have a good understanding of Maths concepts, such as multiplication and division, and a strong command of English skills like grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, students should be familiar with the format and structure of the exams, so that they feel confident and prepared when it comes to exam day.

To support your child’s preparation, there are a few steps you can take at home. Firstly, encourage your child to read regularly and to read a range of texts, from fiction to non-fiction. This will help to develop their reading skills, which are essential for success in the Reading paper. Secondly, you can help your child practice Maths skills by working through practice papers together and by encouraging them to use online resources, like interactive games and quizzes. Finally, you can help your child develop good study habits by encouraging them to review their notes regularly, to practice regularly, and to ask questions when they need help.

In school, teachers will also be working to support your child’s preparation for the SATs. This may include providing practice papers and setting up revision sessions to help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to do well in the exams. Additionally, teachers may work with students on exam technique, helping them to develop good time-management skills and to understand what is required for each question.

The Year 6 SATs are an important milestone for students, marking the end of primary school and the start of secondary school. By working together with teachers, parents can help their child to feel confident and prepared for the exams, so that they can do their best on the day. So, start getting ready, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Danielle is a co-founder at Study Hat and writes regularly on the Study Hat blog. With a 15 year old son herself, she knows only too well how challenging it can be for both parents and children navigating school life whilst also being a working mum.

“I love contributing to the Study Hat blog, we’ve all been on wild education journey over the last few years. My big dream is that the Study Hat platform helps parents, schools and children in reaching their goals and that it enables children to be in the position to excel and choose their path in life with confidence in their abilities.”

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