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Did you know that Science is

mandatory at GCSE level?

All children have to take a few mandatory subjects.

  1. English (English Literature and English Language or a single English GCSE)
  2. Maths
  3. Science (Combined Science or Individual Sciences)

Many parents focus on Maths and English as those topics are a key part of the 11 Plus.

...Neglecting Science is a mistake.

Having a good knowledge of science teaches critical thinking and problem solving and gives students the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed.

Children have an amazing curiosity and thirst for knowledge and science is what can encourage this curiosity. Science is like no other subject as it allows them to challenge, ask questions, develop the skills to be able to answer those questions and add immense value to society.

From providing medicines, curing diseases, helping us provide water and energy and making life more fun through sports, music and entertainment. Science offers so much to the student.

The course has lots of topics, questions, videos and quizzes and tutor support (additional option at bottom of the checkout) is available should your child need it. Your child would simply advise which question they need help with and a tutor would help explain how to approach and answer the question.

Study Hat Premium Science Online Course Contents

  1. Diversity:  Classification of Living Things, Plants, Animals, Bacteria and Fungi, Diversity of Materials
  2. Systems:  Plant Systems, Human Body Systems
  3. Energy: Energy
  4. Cycles Introduction:  Life Cycle of Plants, Life Cycle of Animals, Matter
  5. Cycles in Living Things:  Reproduction in Plants, Reproduction in Humans
  6. Cycles in Non-Living Things: Water, Water Cycle and Water Pollution
  7. Systems: Cells, Air and Repository System, Transport System in Plants and Humans, Electrical Systems
  8. Energy: Photosynthesis, Energy
  9. Interactions: Forces
  10. Interactions - Living Things:  Interactions within the Environment, Adaptions
  11. Man and the Environment

Don't need tutor support? Tutor support is optional so you can save a little. All the same great content but no tutor support.


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