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Understanding the 11 Plus Exam: What You Need to Know

The 11 Plus Exam: An Overview

The 11 Plus exam is a selective entrance exam that determines which students will be admitted to grammar schools in the United Kingdom. The test is typically taken by students at the age of 11 and is used to assess their suitability for a grammar school education.

What is the 11 Plus Exam For?

The 11 Plus exam is used to identify students who have the potential to perform well in a grammar school setting. Grammar schools are highly selective and offer a rigorous academic curriculum, which is why they require a test like the 11 Plus to determine which students are suited for this type of education.

What Does the 11 Plus Exam Test?

The 11 Plus exam tests a student’s ability in several different areas, including mathematics, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and English. The test is designed to assess a student’s ability to think logically, understand complex concepts, and communicate effectively. The exam is typically divided into two parts, with the first part consisting of multiple-choice questions, and the second part consisting of written responses.

What’s Are the Exam Boards?

The 11 Plus exam is usually divided into two sections: the CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) and the GL (Granada Learning) exams.

The CEM exam is typically used by schools in the North and Midlands regions of England. It focuses on verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and numerical reasoning. It is designed to assess a student’s ability to think critically, problem solve, and understand patterns and relationships. The exam is computer-based and typically lasts for about 90 minutes.

The GL exam, on the other hand, is used by schools in the South and South West regions of England. It consists of two sections: verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. The verbal reasoning section assesses a student’s ability to understand and manipulate language, while the non-verbal reasoning section tests their ability to understand patterns, relationships, and concepts. The GL exam is usually paper-based and lasts for about two hours.

Where does the 11 Plus Exam Take Place?

The 11 Plus exam takes place at various designated exam centres across the United Kingdom. The specific location of the exam will vary depending on the local authority and the individual school that the student is applying to. Some exams take place at the schools themselves, while others take place at independent testing centres.

In most cases, students will need to travel to the exam centre on the day of the test. The exact location and details of the exam will be communicated to students and their families in advance, so that they can make arrangements to attend on the day of the test.

When Does The 11 Plus Exam Take Place for 2023?

The 11 Plus exam usually takes place in September of the year when the student is 11 years old. It is important for parents and students to research the specific schedule and location for the 11 Plus exam in their area and to make arrangements accordingly.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to check for any updates or changes to the exam schedule, as these may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. To stay informed, it is recommended to regularly check the websites of the schools or education authorities administering the exam, as well as any relevant government or educational websites for updates.

Is it mandatory for all children to sit the 11 Plus exam?

The 11 Plus exam is not mandatory for all children in the United Kingdom. It is a selective entrance exam that is typically taken by students who are hoping to be admitted to a grammar school.

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